About Us

Saurus Nurseries are a caring nurturing environment which provides personalised provision for children aged 6 months to 5 years. We believe that all children are unique and give each child every opportunity to express and explore all aspects of their personality; we embrace individuality and diversity and so plan activities around our knowledge of each child to meet their individual needs.

We pride ourselves on providing a rich stimulating environment to encourage children to learn through their play, and provide fun educational activities all throughout the day.

All our staff are very knowledgeable in child development with various qualifications; from trainees with life experience to graduates and Early Years Professionals. Our staff work closely with our children’s families to provide continuity of care for each child, we support with developmental milestones; from potty training to challenging behaviour and provide individual written feedback to inform parents of their child’s day.

When your child starts nursery they will be assigned a Key Person who will work closely with you and your child throughout their time at Saurus Nurseries. Your child’s key person is responsible for their well-being, learning and development whilst at nursery and you are welcome to come and talk with them to discuss any issues.

Our nurseries are an inclusive nursery providing care for children with a wide range of abilities. We work closely with other childcare professionals and outside agencies to ensure we are providing the best possible care, suitable for all needs. Where necessary we train our staff to suit individual children, we currently have staff using British Sign Language to enhance communication for our children with auditory needs and all our staff are able to communicate with children both verbally and non-verbally.

Children learn and develop all the time, and to ensure we are providing them with a rich learning experience we provide a flexible learning environment with a balance of child-led and adult initiated activities both indoors and outdoors. Our nurseries operate using free-flow, allowing children to choose where they want to play and learn. We take our children on regular outings and provide high quality attentive care; we also invite professionals in to talk to the children about their role in our local community.

We have high expectations of all children and strive to see each child reach and exceed their full potential. We record each child’s progress using observations, photos and pictures in their own development folder and encourage parents, by providing ideas and support, to continue their child’s learning at home. Parents are welcome to have regular meetings with their child’s key person to discuss their child’s well-being and development during their time at nursery and to provide us with information about their child’s learning and interests at home.

It is Saurus Nurseries’ aim to provide personalised, balanced and nurturing daily routines in which children feel safe, valued, stimulated, inspired and encouraged to achieve.

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