Our Facilities


We provide a webcam service for parents to login and see their child whilst they’re at nursery. We find it to be most useful for parents’ piece of mind, or for special occasions; for example many parents like to login on their child’s birthday to watch while we sing and celebrate their birthday with their friends. We also provide an additional password to parents who might like to give an extra login to grandparents or their families overseas, – this way all the family can be involved in their child’s time at nursery and so, can discuss with their child their interests and friends.


Our garden was landscaped specifically for the children attending and has a newly designed soft surface to ensure maximum safety whilst playing in the garden. All the play areas were made especially for our nursery and designed to suit the smallest to the tallest children at TinySaurus. We have a beautiful story-telling area for circle times in the summer and stories all throughout the year. Working alongside the landscapers we have also created a water feature for the children – enabling them to splash in puddles all year round. We have sand and water trays for inquisitive play and a playhouse for role play. We also provide bikes and a climbing frame to develop the children’s physical skills.

The babies also enjoy playing in the garden and they have their own additional section which is fenced off allowing them to explore the garden confidently. They too have their own play house, story-telling area, sand/water tray and age appropriate toys to challenge them physically.

Lastly, we have an excellent growing area where the children can learn about caring for plants. Our children help with: preparing the soil, planting, watering, maintaining and when necessary, picking the fruit, vegetables or herbs – which we then use for meal times. All of this helps towards teaching the children about healthy eating and nutrition.

Food and Nutrition

We believe it is vital for children learn about healthy eating from a young age. We educate our children about leading healthy lifestyles and only provide our children with the highest quality food for their meals at nursery; this way the children become accustomed to the taste of healthy meals and so, can go on to choose healthy options even after they leave nursery.

We recently won Gold for the Healthy Choice Award, which certifies that at least 75% of our menu includes healthy choice options. We are also in the 1-2% of food businesses that have won Five Stars for Food Hygiene stating that we have “very high standards of food safety management”.

Once our babies have started weaning they are provided with a range of purees; starting with vegetables and adding chicken and fish when parents wish to do so. When ready, the babies can move on to pureed or roughly chopped versions of the main menu. Parents are encouraged to talk to the baby room staff when they feel their child has reached their next stage of weaning.

Please click here to see the sample menu.

*Please note that we rotate the days every week, Monday becomes Tuesday the following week etc. and after 5 weeks the menu changes entirely. We post the current menu on the parent notice board each time the menu changes.

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